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GoldCoast Oceanfest 2015, 19th - 21st June 2015GoldCoast Oceanfes 2015

Aims & Ethos

To establish the event as the most respected and successful, lifestyle event on the UK sports calendar.

To continue developing the number of sporting elements on offer, by including the newest formats of competition or freshening up existing ones, whilst introducing the most happening new freesports into the programme.

To add authentic grassroots opportunities, so the youth may experience quality venues, equipment, workshops and tutors providing opportunities that would otherwise not be available.

To encourage greater involvement and contribution by the private sector, in particular the regional businesses who benefit directly from the events spin offs.

To continue to promote North Devon and its coastal venues as a tourism destination and as the only place in the UK which is capable of hosting such a unique and diverse event.

Develop a greater music element to attract more people who are not necessarily sports orientated but enjoy the lifestyle, clothing and clique.

Encourage greater local participation by introducing more initiatives which will address many of the existing community based projects, for example, skate parks, beach sports and climbing walls.

To bring ocean related issues to the forefront of the media, government and representative organisations to ensure safe and sustainable environments for athletes and the public alike.

Our goal with GOLDCOAST OCEANFEST is to produce a first class, fun event.

We are not seeking Nobel Peace Prize nominations or pretending to run something more important than a lot of other stuff that is going down these days!

Keep the Stoke!

What we're about


GoldCoast has since its inception in 1999, remained the single largest event within the ever growing North Devon Festival portfolio, continuing to put North Devon firmly on the map as a year-round surfing and lifestyle destination.

The North Devon Festival is a massive tourism initiative – the largest and most ambitious cultural festival in the south west. The Festival targets the shoulder season of June, extending tourism opportunities whilst incorporating artistic vision with community action whilst bringing demonstrable benefits to the regions economic, social and cultural reputation.

GoldCoast has been recognised on so many levels for its support of local and national initiatives including charities, education, sports development and environmental causes.

Awards include the Natwest bank sponsored ‘Services to Tourism’ in 2007. Martin Wickham Chief Executive of the NDMB who hosted the award ceremony said,’ GoldCoast Oceanfest started from humble beginnings but has now grown to something which brings in visitors from around the country and has put North Devon on the map. Their dedication to education, our amazing environment and to bringing world-class sportsman to our shores is exceptional. We are proud of them and thank them for all their hard work.’

In 2008 GoldCoast were runners up in the FSB Business Awards in the category of Environmental Responsibility Award, emanating from the sustainability review of the GoldCoast Oceanfest in line with the aspiring British Standard 8901. We continue to build on these foundations and the the principles of human, wind and wave powered events, for which we are well recognised, remain but a small part of the overall environmental strategy adopted to ensure the impacts of the production are minimised or eliminated.

In 2010 we won again, in association with the PedPass Partnership we received an award as the regional winner for the School Sport Partnership “Leading the Legacy” – Innovation awards 2009/10 under the category for “transforming competition pathways within schools” linked to the GoldCoast Oceanfest Education Day competitions for the Year 6 pupils.

We never set out to gain awards however the recognition of the hard work by so many committed supporters who deliver the numerous strands making GoldCoast what it is, is massively gratifying for all concerned.