GoldCoast Oceanfest 2016 Pardean Resorts



16:00 Mullally
17:00 Callum Beatie
18:15 Zak Abel
19:40 Clean Cut Kid
20:45 Fuse ODG
21:35 DJ Fresh


11:30 SRS
12:00 SRS
12:45 Hannah Grace
13:35 Cortes
14:50 Eskies
16:05 Seafret
17:20 Lloyd Yates
18:40 Prides
20:15 Reverend & the Makers
21:45 Sunset Sons



12:15 Emma Hughes
12:55 Leylines
14:10 Rews
15:25 Flight Brigade
16:30 Cuban Brothers
18:00 KT Tunstall


You NEED to PRINT out and bring your eTicket in order to get access to the festival. As the mobile signal in Croyde erratic - you are unlikely to get it on your phone once you get here.

The boxoffice has now been transferred down to the arena so we will be unable to resend lost eTickets now - but don't worry, simply bring your Paypal receipt or credit card statement along with some ID and we be able to issue your entry wristbands.

When collecting wristbands we can only issue them to people who are physically present, don't worry though if, for example, you have a family ticket and some of you are arriving at different times we can issue each wristband individually as each person arrives.

Buying Tickets On The Gate

A limited number of tickets will be available for sale on the gate for CASH only. We can only issue wristbands to people that are physically present, i.e. you CAN'T purchase tickets for a friend/family member who is arriving later.


Weekend Tickets:
Adult = £60
Under18 = £50
Family (2A+2C) = £150
Under 6 = £6

Day Tickets:
Adult = £30
Under 18 = £30
Under 6 = £6

Opening Hours

On Friday 17th we open the gates to the Education Day attendees at 10h00 whilst the main gate for ticket redemptions open an hour later at 11am.

There is live music on the main stage from 4pm on Friday with the event closing at 11pm. Saturday we open at 11am until 11pm, and Sunday 11am until 8pm.


Please take advantage of the Stagecoach bus services over the weekend on either the number 21 or the 521 direct to and from the festival. Immediately after the show buses will leave as soon as they are full. Get on board!

Driving & Parking

If you are driving to the festival there are numerous car parks adjacent to the festival site. These are privately operated and hugely supportive of the event. As per last year there will not be any vehicular departures from the car parks up Moor Lane for at least 20/25 minutes after the show, to ensure the pedestrians may leave in safety and the buses may depart unrestricted.

If you are collecting anyone after the show may we request you do so from the village car park, as Moor Lane toward the festival site will be restricted to residents only to allow departing pedestrians safe egress.


The curfew was introduced last year and we are working very hard with all parties involved to have an 6pm no re-entry policy. This is at the discretion of the organisers, security and the police to prevent young adults leaving the arena to drink off site and then returning for all parties to deal with the aftermath.

Our NO RE-ENTRY after 6pm policy applies predominantly to unsupervised under 18s and NOT responsible parents and family groups with babysitting duties.

Bar & Recyclable cups

Again this year we have our brilliant Radio 6 acclaimed bar team on board. They are here to serve you and if you are respectfully requested to produce ID when asked, please do so without making a big scene. No ID no sale.

The ‘refill not landfill’ recycle cups went down a storm last year and we hope that you agree it is a small price to pay for a clean and pleasant site. A brilliant keep sake for the family picnic box too!


Due to a weak mobile signal in Croyde we do not have cash machines on site. So please remember to bring the cash you will need each day - We've got some great merchandise!

Illegal substances

GoldCoast Oceanfest is a licensed premises and will not tolerate any illegal substances; anyone found with illegal substances will be evicted by festival security to be dealt with by the police. This year there will be specialist sniffer dogs along with plain-clothes police, so please make everyone’s lives easier by not breaking the law.

The so-called legal highs and NOS (laughing) gas - apart from being extremely unpredictable and high risk - are now illegal substances.


You are requested to attend with the mindset of respect for each another and the environment. Do not abuse any one or any place and please try to maintain the all ages family ethos we aspire to enjoy by making the festival a memorable occasion for everyone.

If its windy bring a jacket when its sunny then slap on the sunscreen however always try and wear a smile on your dial.

See you all soon!

Team GoldCoast